Kim Lindbloom’s life philosophy is centered on the principle of ‘creating’ through hand lettering and with this she empowers female creatives to DIY their own weddings, create profitable businesses marketing materials or to simply start a new hobby.

Having successfully made hand-lettering easy and achievable, she works exclusively with female creatives who are ready to “stop dreaming and start lettering”.

Through the power of paper, pens and proper technique, Kim equips creative women to embrace good old-fashioned Lettering with her Live “Lettering Days” Workshops. By “creating something together", she cultivates a community that allows women to connect in their "creative zone" and support each other's lettering journey.

With more female creatives than ever before, Kim believes the lettering adventure is “truly a life journey” and has worked to foster a community of female creatives who are active do-ers.

Kim resides is rural Oregon where she lives her lifestyle dream with her husband and three beautiful children!


Ready to get stuff done in your creative zone? Tired of sitting for hours and not achieving anything significant?

Kim Lindbloom would like to extend a personal invitation to join her at an upcoming Lettering Day in your city to roll up your sleeves and take action towards creating lettering projects yourself.

During the 4 Hour Workshop, you’ll discover the basics of hand-lettering and start “creating” using the top 4 techniques that have had the biggest impact on Kim's calligraphy success.

Lettering Days are hosted in cities near Roseburg, Oregon. Click here now to join Kim at a Lettering Day near you!